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Matchsticks is the full-service marketing agency you’ve been dreaming of, made local. If you’re ready to take your business from lukewarm to scorching hot, but you’ve been burnt by juggling agencies before, it’s time to soothe that burn. We do it all, from brand development and strategic planning through to campaign launch and execution. Events? Love them. Big, small, new, established – we’re all over it.

Moreton Bay is ready to ignite. It’s a diverse, growing region with smoking hot potential for businesses – all 29,000 of them. To really get in on that action, you need a marketing agency that lives, breathes and knows Moreton Bay. That’s us. And while Zoom’s great, what about an agency that knows where the best coffee is and can meet you there in five? You don’t get that from any old agency.

Matchsticks: brighter together.

Think inside the box.

We offer more services than there are matches in a box. When we say full-service agency, we bloody mean it. There’s (almost) nothing we can’t do. From marketing strategy through to execution and implementation, let’s set the world on fire.
The Spark
Marketing Packages

Every idea starts as a spark, then the strategy sets the whole campaign alight.

Whether you’re just starting out or already in the big leagues, our strategic marketing packages is the key to giving your business or campaign the boost it needs. 

The Smoke
Ongoing Retainers

For when you're established but ready to grow.

Our ongoing retainers are the perfect solution for your established business, ready to experience some serious growth.

The Fire
Marketing Manager

Here’s where things get hot. The fire that sets your business alight.

If you need continuous marketing support but struggle to define your needs upfront and crave flexibility, the Matchsticks Marketing Manager Package is your solution.

We step in as your external Marketing Manager, ready to assist with all your needs (big or small).

Our work.

We’re proud to be Moreton Bay’s marketing agency. We’re not just known for lighting up businesses, we are also known for bringing the brightest minds together for marketing, PR, events, strategy and production.

You’ve probably already seen our work, met our clients or come to some of Moreton Bay’s  favourite major events that we’ve helped deliver without even knowing it. We’re here, setting the world on fire. And our clients are loving it.

Moreton Bay Food and Wine
Moreton Bay Food + Wine Festival

We’re talking launch event, ticketing, sponsorship, marketing, influencer management, design and much more!

Brisbane Whale Watching

From digital marketing, event management, PR & media.

A group of people on a Brisbane whale watching tour, observing a humpback whale in the ocean
A woman holding a rainbow flag at Moreton Bay Pride Festival
Moreton Bay PrideFest

Marketing, design, sponsorship, ticketing, influencer management and everything in between.

Innovate Moreton Bay

Social media, event management, email marketing, videography and photography. 

Innovate Moreton Bay

We’re bold -
We’re not afraid to give the boundaries a little nudge.

Nothing remarkable ever happens sitting safely inside your comfort zone. If you’re looking to breathe new energy into your brand, challenge your clients expectations or need help developing and executing a fresh strategy that’s a little outside the square, we’re the ones you want.

Book your free strategy session and find out more!

Championing Moreton Bay businesses.

We might only be young, but we’re punching well above our weight. The brains behind Matchsticks, Belinda Boyce, has spent years championing Moreton Bay. As a co-founder of Moreton Bay Region Industry & Tourism (MBRIT), she contributed to the transformation of the region, bringing attention and notable events and projects to the area. With so many opportunities going begging, Belinda saw a need for a marketing agency that knew the region – and things got hot, fast.

We know our stuff

We’re growing.
Just like you.

Matchsticks has grown to a team of eight in just over 18 months. We’ve got the best of the best to provide everything you need in a marketing agency. From strategy to digital marketing, sponsorship, brand design and events, if you need it, we’ll make it happen (and make it fun). 

Matchsticks: bringing everything, and everyone, you need together to help strike the perfect balance for your business.

Ready to set fire to your competition? Book a free strategy call with us. 

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